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Iwami kagura performer

Iwami kagura performer

To kagura performer used in the stage of Hamada-shi, Iwami Japanese paper made by the manufacturing method to reach this ground mainly is used for material now. Development includes regional basis material, and it is thought that existence of "Nagahama doll" coming to Nagahama, Hamada-shi district was big. We got hint from process to mold clay using model and we found means of escape in technique called de-live (dakkatsu) and saw sublimation to Japanese paper side.
We introduce production process of representative male aspect "kane*" here.

①The making of model of aspect

Carving and modeling does aspect with good-quality soil.

②Naturally dry

③Aspect tension

We laminate Iwami Japanese paper to several folds with re-no paste with persimmon juice.

④We exclude model

We disturb model of clay in wooden hammer.

⑤We paint with persimmon juice

We fix the aspect back and we paint enough and stack persimmon juice.


We open eyes, nose, pore of aspect with tongs.

⑦For whitewash (feces)

Whitewash coating → We repeat polishing and make skin of aspect.

⑧With picture

We make coloring on mask.

⑨We set wool

We use human hair, horse hair, yak hair.


For decoration use for Kagura demand.

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