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Iwamikagura snake trunk

Iwamikagura snake trunk

Snake body is apparel characterizing Iwamikagura and is not exaggeration anymore even if we say a kind of set. Ueda Kikuichi who it is dance hand, and was Shinto priesthood gets idea to suspension-type lantern and develops Orochi expressed as white robe about scale with longjohns until the time of Meiji. It controlled light weight and, in spite of being Japanese paper and concise structure only bamboo, expanded and contracted and showed figure of snake which undulated, and floundered wonderfully and succeeded in giving dance persuasive power. We will peep at state of studio of Rinkichi Ueda of direct descendant, the snake trunk production third generation of the founder here.

①Bone made (1) of snake

We break bamboo which we cut and prepared and wind Japanese paper and make ring.

②Bone made (2) of snake

We fix ring to form and make framework (approximately 1.8m) of snake trunk.

③Iwami Japanese paper tension (1)

We laminate Iwami Japanese paper to several folds with re-no paste with persimmon juice.

④Iwami Japanese paper tension (2)


We dry by the sun enough.

⑥Coloring (1)

We draw pattern.

⑦Coloring (2)

We acquire color (red, blue, tea, white, green and others) to order.


After the coloring drying, we fix in occasion to expand and contract.


We join nine peace of approximately one .8m together and make one snake trunk.


It becomes snake trunk of approximately 17m in length, 12 kg in weight.

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