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Iwamikagura apparel

Iwamikagura apparel

Clothes used on presentation of today's Iwamikagura are gorgeousness that they incorporated gilt thread silver thread in. Frequent apparel substitute is carried out depending on program and may enter average in the top division, or there is apparel which was taught so that we take place using conduct of turn already, and there is. We introduce characteristic production scenery of "arrival at ogre" (onigi) in Iwamikagura here.

①Paper pattern production

We draw embroidery designs such as creatures on cardboard and make paper pattern

②Creature embroidery

We embroider on mount of Iwami Japanese paper in gilt thread.

③Creature clipping

We cut out of mount of Iwami Japanese paper to form of creature.

④ Dough tension

We put cotton velvet becoming dough of apparel on form of tree.

⑤Creature sewing on

Both sleeves part.

⑥Embroidery (1) (both sleeves part)

We describe and embroider design on cotton velvet one stitch of one stitch in gilt thread with chalk by paper patterns.

⑦Embroidery (2) (anteroposterior body part)

❻We embroider design that drew this on cotton velvet equally in gilt thread, and sewing on kicks creatures.

⑧Lining sewing on

We reverse cotton velvet which finished embroidery and sew lining.

⑨Completion (1)

We wear on gambeson or the white robe.

⑩Completion (2)

❾We wear a layer of ❼ (padded vest) on the underwear of this and become apparel of approximately 30 kg in weight.

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