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Iwamikagura official site (the following, our site) that general Hamada-shi tourist association (following, "we") runs recognizes importance of personal information that we acquired from stakeholders and it is basic of our operation and is thinking about protecting with one of the most relevant problems in management.

We establish the following basic policies and plan common knowledge thorough to all employees to offer service of relief, security, trust to all of you and observe this.

1, basic policy

  1. We observe the Personal Information Protection Law and associated other laws and ordinances, models. In addition, we establish rule (the following, our site rule) about personal information protection and carry this out and maintain and act for continuous improvement.
  2. We establish regime about personal information protection and publicize our official regulations to officer and employee and try for the observance enforcement.
  3. We handle within the use purpose that exhibited personal information to customer. In addition, we disclose to third party or do not provide personal information that had you provide us from customer when there is agreement of customer or unless there is sufficient reason.
  4. We keep personal information the correct and latest state and unauthorized access to personal information, leak, loss of personal information come and act for the prevention such as loss and carry out improvement, correction of information security continuously.
  5. We cope with request such as inquiry, disclosure about personal information from customer faithfully and quickly.

2, use purpose of personal information

When we have you offer personal information from customer, we exhibit use purpose of personal information beforehand and use within the use purpose. When it is necessary to use personal information of customer across range of use purpose that we stated clearly beforehand, we inform customer of so and use after having had agreement of customer. Use purpose of personal information that we hold is as follows.

  1. Personal information about customer
    • Business talk with customer, meeting
    • Shipment such as product, document
    • Information for service, event sending
    • Customer support, offer of maintenance
    • Correspondence to inquiry, consultation
    • Offer of various membership system services
    • Service development, questionary survey conduct, conduct such as monitors
    • Observance of a contract of contract

3, the appropriate acquisition of personal information

In us, we perform the acquisition of personal information by legitimate and fair means.

4, offer of personal information

  1. We disclose personal information of customer to third party or we do not provide except the next case.
    1. When there is agreement of customer
    2. When it is based on laws and ordinances
    3. When it is necessary for protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult to take agreement of customer
    4. When we entrust with privacy policy as far as it is necessary for the achievement of use purpose
    5. When succession of business is carried out by merger, spin-off, business transfer or other reasons
  2. When they give service to customer regardless of (1) mentioned above, and our companies concerned are judged about correspondence to inquiries if it is more appropriate to cope, we may provide address, full name, phone number of customer to the companies concerned concerned. In this case customer can demand stop of personal information offer to the companies concerned concerned from us.

5, inquiry about personal information

Please inform of inquiry about disclosure, correction, deletion of personal information of customer than inquiry form.

6, other matters

1. About access information
We may acquire access log information to offer better service in our site. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. The acquisition of access log was not intended to identify personal information of customer.
2. About cookies
We use cookies (Cookie) in a part of site to have you use more comfortably in our site. Because we cannot distinguish authorized individual in those alone about cookies and IP address information, we are not regarding as personal information. In addition, about cookies information, we can refuse to be setting of browser.
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