Mimata Onsen festival second weekend kagura performed at night commuter pass performance


Sunday on Saturday until from Saturday, September 1 to Saturday, December 1 and days before holidays
Periodical performance of Iwamikagura is held in this in Mimata Onsen.
How is hot spring and Iwamikagura appreciation for long autumnal night?


[the date and time]

It is 29 Saturday on Sunday on 23rd on Saturday for Sunday, 22 days for Saturday, 16 days for Saturday, 15 days for Saturday, September 1, 2018, eight days
Saturday, October 6, 7th Sunday, 13th Saturday, 20th Saturday, 27th Saturday
Saturday, November 3, 10th Saturday, 17th Saturday, 24th Saturday
Saturday, December 1

It is from 20:00 to 21:00 with every day


Mimata Hot Springs Hoyo Center (32-1, Kanagichooibara, Hamada-shi)


500 yen for adults (free of charge lower than high school student)


Mimata Onsen festival executive committee


Mimata Hot Springs Hoyo Center
TEL 0855-42-0353