Village flourishing endlessly Kagura Festival of the twelfth raw sake


Let's enjoy Iwamikagura in Yasakacho!
Is lottery for customer of visit; "raw sake" "Kagura goods"



[the date and time]

Saturday, March 2, 2019
Opening 9:00 start 9:30 - end plan 15:50



Flourishing endlessly hall (544-1, Yasakachonagayasuhongo, Hamada-shi)



Adult (more than high school student) 1,200 yen (advance ticket 1,000 yen)

The small, junior high student       300 yen (as for the advance sale the same amount)


[advance ticket sale place]

The JA Shimane flourishing endlessly branch, yuuhi park Hamada, ishioshokokai, oldness and experience-based village
Hamada-shi flourishing endlessly branch industry construction section, JR Hamada Station 1F citizen salon (JR Hamada Station Local Souvenir Lounge)



From 9:30 to 9:55 Kammukae (Kitsuka kagurashachu)

From 10:00 to 10:45 Chigaeshi (among Okazaki Kagura company)

From 10:50 to 11:35 Tenjin (Ozasa kagurashachu)

From 11:40 to 12:25 Kurozuka (Yasugi kagurashachu)

From 12:25 to 12:45 greetings, lottery

From 12:45 to 13:30 Jinrin (among Okazaki Kagura company)

From 13:35 to 14:15 kane* (Yasugi kagurashachu)

From 14:20 to 15:05 Iwato (Ozasa kagurashachu)

From 15:10 to 15:55 Orochi (Kitsuka kagurashachu)



Flourishing endlessly Kagura Festival executive committee



General Hamada-shi tourist association
TEL 0855-24-1085