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Yorimasa (yorimasa)

People, monkey, nue (sew) too big character = Yorimasa Minamotono (minamotonoyorimasa), wild boar (inohayata)

Kagura of nuetaichi of Yorimasa Minamotono. When black clouds spring out of forest of Higashisanjo with hyo - hyo - growl that it is strange when it becomes Ushinokoku every night in last years of Heian era and cover over the Imperial Palace, the Emperor's residence exhaustively, emperor is awfully troubled, and it is invaded by illness. Emperor gives Yorimasa Minamotono who won fame as master hand of bow an order for extermination of partner arriving with this nobody.
Yorimasa loaded Shinmei Shrine with prayer of the great desire accomplishment, and it was what, or, Ushinokoku that the moon of May was clear, shadow which moved was seen on that day while black clouds began to stand suddenly from forest of Higashisanjo and covered the Emperor's residence quickly.
We put pointed arrow which we made with tail of mountain bird to bow immediately, and Yorimasa prays God with "south no God of war" and gives off arrow.
Then, as for what raise mysterious voice, and fell into garden, as for the head, monkey, body say to raccoon dog, tail when snake, hands and feet were mysterious beast, nue (they sew) of tiger.

●Than The Heike Monogatari

When it was summer night of (1153), and it was terminal 1153 in (it is said for another view with period of the Emperor Takakura in 80s with period of the 73s Emperor Horikawa), in the middle of the night in the Heian era, it was filled with black clouds from the area of forest of Higashisanjo and remained there to cover Imperial Palace when the black clouds came on the Imperial Palace. It is said that we sometimes heard mysterious cry similar to white's ground thrush (chicken of sparrow eyes flycatcher department dusky thrush subfamily which is called saying "sew") from the black clouds. And mysterious affairs that emperor, the Emperor Konoe of time began to suffer from regularly continued when the sky of the Imperial Palace was filled with the black clouds. We worked, and, as for the pains of this emperor, priest, prayer of Shinto priesthood loved medical care totally, too. Therefore as a result of court nobles gathering, and having thought, Yorimasa Minamotono of master of bow was summoned for ghost extermination in the Imperial Palace by advice of genga* that this must be act of ghost change. Yorimasa waited for time in administrative official, early large o companion of wild boar, coffin container of Imperial Palace as attendant.
Black clouds of matter appeared, and, in in the middle of the night when the trees and plants were unexploited, nito came flying as expected on Imperial Palace. When Yorimasa which we thought so of that this must be ghost change that tormented emperor put arrow to bow, we prayed God with "the south nothing God of war" in heart calmly and gave off arrow at black clouds. The response was certain, and ghost made a loud sound and fell so that we were flung against the ground. Early large ga of wild boar rushed up without thinning there and let we poured sword nine times, and ghost do coup de grace.
When they had torch in people and hand of guard that they rushed to and lighted up the ghost, as for the figure, as for the head, as for monkey, the trunk, as for raccoon dog, the hands and feet, tiger, tail were abominable figures called snake (as for the head, as for monkey, the back, tiger, foot become raccoon dog with "description of competition between two teams ups and downs"). And it is said that we came to call this ghost "nue" because the cry was similar to nue (white's ground thrush).
Yorimasa had sword called "King Shishi" than emperor by success of this ghost extermination. In the later Oho year (1161 *, 163), nue appears in the Imperial Palace again in period of the Emperor Nijo, and Yorimasa Minamotono exterminates with bow then.

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