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Yachimata (yachimata) (tensoukorin・hassen)

Character = Utsu woman (uzume), monkey Tabiko (sarutahiko)

Story after abdication of life of great king. As there was God who blocked up way when it was going to be parachuted, place, temmago*々geimei where way was divided into many aspects in the middle of parachuting on the sky with Yachimata with thing which made myth of descendant of the Sun-Goddess advent Kagura said that they met to lead the descendant of the Sun-Goddess in monkey Tabiko God when we let you ask God of Utsu woman of the sky. It is story to continue in "Kashima" with thing which made these contents Kagura. Monkey Tabiko (Oga of *ta) is in this way presented as God of guidepost.

●Chronicles of Japan roll two Episode 4 aristocratic posterity advent (abstract)

kokosanreison (takamimusubi) called tentsuhikohikoka**kineson (amatsuhikohikohoniniginomikoto) (abbreviation, **kineson) with the Sun-Goddess (amaterasuomikami) who heard that we passed, and marsh overgrown with reeds China (if we arrive among Ashihara) was subjugated with the Tsu chief god (futsunushinokami) by bukametsuchishin (takemikazuchinokami) who got consent of abdication than life of great king and gave an order saying "you who were country which our descendant should rule performed 1,500 autumn Land of the Golden Ears of Rice (chiihoakinomizuhonokuni) (marsh overgrown with reeds China) of marsh overgrown with reeds, and rule." and gave an order to follow **kineson, and to support Amako shop life (amenokoyanenomikoto), large ball life (with incidentally occasional medium), ten*jomei (rain we bury and drink thing), ishikoriubamei (ishikoridomenomikoto), five God of Tamaya life (tamanoyanomikoto).
Furthermore, kokosanreison gives big ball comma-shaped bead (comma-shaped bead in slope), mirror (yatanokagami), Ken Kusanagi (sword of Kusanagi) to **kineson; and "these three sacred treasures (jingi) will protect your family. We said, inherit to posterity as proof of royal rank. God who sent returns to advance payment there; and "there is one God to ahead. shichinigirihodo had nose and eyes shined like the mirror and red cheeks seemed to be belonging to and reported length of back saying seven shaku rests are tall men whom there was.
We gave an order for kokosanreison with "do you not give when you went earlier ten*jomei and met the person?", and ten*jomei did own chest openly and lowered waist cord to umbilical bottom and went to the cause of the with a laugh person.
When tall man asks ten*jomei "why is dressed in such clothes?", ten*jomei "you are anyone. When ask saying you who are why stand in way where aristocratic posterity is going to descend, tall man "monkey Tabiko Oga (sarutahikookami) as for my name. When we reply, aristocratic posterity hears that it is descended and looks forward to, and it is said, "I perform earlier, and let's open up way.", "is ten*jomei that it is said to go where? When ask saying aristocratic posterity is at anywhere; monkey Tabiko Oga "aristocratic posterity will be in on peak of Takachiho (takachiho) of the sun of Chikushi. I will go to the upper part of a river of Isuzu (sanadanoisuzu) of narrow Osada of Ise."
ten*jomei returned and reported, and aristocratic posterity got down from Japanese Olympus on peak of Takachiho of the sun. When monkey Tabiko Ogami guided aristocratic posterity as promised, we left for the upper part of a river of Isuzu of narrow Osada of Ise and sent ten*jomei along monkey Tabiko Oga.

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