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Tenjin (tenjin)

"bo reso which is easterly wind (kochi) * kaba smell iokoseyo plum blossoms main nashitote spring"
It is story of Prince Michizane Sugawara worshiped by God, Kitano-Tenman-gu Shrine and Dazaifu Tenman-gu Shrine of study that is famous for this song (Tenjin).
The way truth is talented by nature, and serve Mitsutaka, Uda, Emperor for Daigo three generations, and is appointed by the Minister of the Right, but Minister of the Left, Tokihira Fujiwara at time envies this, is *so for the Emperor. In this way, Prince way truth was demoted to Dazaifu. We died with flat ha 39-year-old youth at time, and the alliance died in sequence afterwards, too. It was thought that it was act of Prince way truth by this fall in the Imperial Court.
In Kagura, the way truth is created to fight at time if flat.

The way truth showed poetry ability from childhood and wrote 31-syllable Japanese poem at only 5 years old and we passed 10 years old and created Chinese poetry and were called child prodigy. We became shikibushoho, Chinese history and poetry teacher at 33 years old and received the warm confidence of the Emperor Uda and we successively held important post and played a role at the center of politics.
The way truth continues being promoted by the reign of the Emperor Daigo, but there is convincing noble repulsion such as Fujiwara, too, and take the Throne, and it is done *tsuge by the Emperor Daigo when we planned usurption, and we get crime, and *yoshino is relegated to administration office of Kyushu district vice-administrator (dazaigonnosochi). We saw eldest son High School, and, at the o beginning, four children were sentenced to exile, and the way truth sank in Dazaifu in 903 (Engi 3) and was buried in the ground.
After the death of the way truth, epidemic and drought continued, and accidents occurred successively in Kyoto, and prince of the Emperor Daigo died of an illness in sequence. Besides, Seiryo received thunderbolt, and it was resulted in many casualties. The Imperial Court which we were afraid of when these were curses of the way truth forgave crime of the way truth and performed posthumous conferment. Understood the exile, and children were called back in Kyoto, too. After that Tenjin faith to believe in the way truth as "Tenjin" will spread out in the whole country. Because the way truth was superior scholar, poet during the lifetime, Tenjin comes to be believed in as God of study later.
Vindictive spirit of the way truth was joined together with the god of thunder by case of Seiryo thunderbolt. Originally landowner God called fire thunder Tenjin was enshrined in place of Kitano of Kyoto and the Imperial Court erected Kitano-Tenman-gu Shrine here and was going to quiet curse of the way truth. Dazaifu Tenman-gu Shrine was erected in Dazaifu where the way truth died.
Original fire thunder Tenjin is done with God of granted thunder from the sky and has thunder with rain and is God of farming because rain is indispensable to growth of farm products. Fire thunder Tenjin was enshrined in each place, but because we were identified with the way truth, it comes to be said that Tenjin enshrined in each place is also the way truth, and there are approximately 10,000 around Kyushu and West Japan.
It is celebrity with "we fly plum legend" that flew to garden of mansion where the plum does song of of "bo reso which is master of east death of a love kabaniohiokoseyo plum blossoms nashitote spring" where we composed on regrets when the way truth leaves the capital of Kyoto from the capital of Kyoto at a night, and the way truth lives in.

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