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Yamatotakerunomikoto (yamatotakerunomikoto)

Character = Yamatotakerunomikoto (yamatotakerunomikoto), helper (we get worth), older brother (older brother) gishi, younger brother () gishi robber neck (this person chew)

Kagura which contrived the savage in the eastern provinces conquest of Yamatotakerunomikoto. We report Yamatotakerunomikoto which ate up powerful family Kumaso of Kyushu to father, the Emperor Keiko, but we are ordered to subjugate east country and leave for eastern country immediately. We go and worship at shrine of Ise on the way and we meet aunt Yamato princess and have Grass-Mowing Sword of cluster of clouds of the sky.
We hear when conquered as we do not obey older brother gishi living in country of Suruga, younger brother gishitachiha, order of the Emperor and call brothers, but as every cheating to defeat Yamatotakerunomikoto does not hit, we ask robber neck for teaching and deceive saying "there is Oshika harming people in this field". They set fire from every quarter and are going to burn to death when Yamatotakerunomikoto enters Ono, but Grass-Mowing Sword gets away with nature and they cut down grass and they invite and set fire with firestone in amulet case and get out of trouble, and brothers are exterminated. We renamed the name of Grass-Mowing Sword of cluster of clouds of the sky to grass-mowing sword then.

It is Kagura of sequel of Kagura program "Kumaso" in story of latter half of Chronicles of Japan roll seven Episode 4 Yamatotakerunomikoto. We defeated western Kumaso, and the Emperor praised the outstanding job, and we were loved in particular by Yamatotakerunomikoto and prince of the Emperor Keiko who changed his name, Japan boy (yamatooguna), but Ezo of eastern country betrayed afterwards, and border was upset. The Emperor recruits Lord group; and "whom should send?." Yamatotakerunomikoto affected when we asked saying "daiusu (lightly) prince will be good.". However, daiusu (lightly) prince who heard this has hidden in grass in wonder. Tenno "do not send person not to overlook forcibly. It was grieved to run away from house which an enemy did not look at yet saying we are ashamed. Therefore son though "ate up Kumaso, and passed almost no, i of eastern country betrayed. It is that the life of Taihei will come when, we replied, let's subjugate the revolt hastily, and we were appointed by general of seii and received Imperial mandate, edict or decree.
Tenno "is furious, and that savage in the eastern provinces is not ashamed of insult either, and invade each border without the head in village, and fight, and is, and ogre (kanki) to rape in wicked heart, field on mountain prevents traffic, and torment many people. The Ezo is particularly tough among the savages in the eastern provinces. We lie in hole in winter and, without distinction of man and woman parent and child, live in tree in the summer. We drink blood in fur and doubt even brothers. It is like flying bird to climb mountain, and it is said that state to run at grassy plain is like beast. We forget favor, but it is said that we repay grudge by all means. We hide arrow in the inside that bundled up hair, and it is said that we wear sword in batter. Or we gather friends and violate border and snatch the crops at time of bearing fruit. We entered mountain if we attacked, and stayed to grass if we chased and have never followed komei from old days. Dress length is high when we look at you, and face is regulated well, and power is strong now, too. You let you take to person who please is not good with careful consideration foresight that to come hard, and thing is like thunder and lightning and beats by all means if we attack without muki kautokoro enemy for punishment, virtue, and let me follow by oneself without using soldier. We gave Yamatotakerunomikoto an order saying you quieted God who thought about words, and acted violently or brush off ogre to rape with bu and gave Takehiko Kibino (Takehiko of millet) and Takehi Otomono ream (otomonotakehinomuraji). We took the field, and Yamatotakerunomikoto went and worshiped in Ise Grand Shrine for the middle and we said good-bye to yamatohime (we hide with mountain) life of aunt and were given the Grass-Mowing Sword.
Yamatotakerunomikoto reached Suruga. As that robber followed, show the inside, "there is much Oshika in this field, and the breath to vomit is like morning fog, and foot is like Wakagi. He/she was in and deceived with kari rionasarutoyoideyo and said. When son believed the words and entered field and hunted, robber set the field on fire to kill prince. The Grass-Mowing Sword which prince placed started falling out by oneself and cut down grass by prince and we took out firestone and made meeting fire and escaped then. Therefore we name the sword and say Ken Kusanagi.

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