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Shoki (shoki)

"1,000 tries to be already, wild, your, God who comes over when we do not swing thing trying to be, and stands, and is precocious comes"

We pay attention to this <statement!>

"I am this. Spring epidemic (obtain beautiful) kaeyami* (gyakurei). It is cough disease in autumn blood stomach (chihara) in winter. shi of all disease. With illness-spreading devil my thing (illness-spreading devil)
As for the epidemic (obtain beautiful), in epidemic, eyami* (gyakurei), malaria, blood stomach are kinds of bloody bowel discharge. We list coughs (cough) one by one in this, and oneself introduces himself/herself as source - god of plagues of all sorts of disease.

"Even as for protection of Shoki Oga to squid. Take a great number of adherents (in kenzoku = friends). We run and go around villages countries. Break into hetsui furnace. yo kimonohatsukamihishigi. We step on thing as old age and kill. In addition, if we consider that spirit are prosperous. Push your way through heart. We eat liver notabaneo and tear off. Trouble people; this country. We come over and do not put devil country and lack (illness-spreading devil: statement before battle)

Floor of illness had Emperor Xuan Zong of Tang in old days. One God appeared in dream then and exterminated ogre. As illness was cured suddenly when the emperor came out of dream, we let you called painter and describe image of God. We grew rich mustache for a long time and had sword in clothes of Chinese public servant and became clear when figure which scowled at anything with big eyes was "Shoki". It is God who is believed when we avoid illness-spreading devil by this historical fact in China, and devil is excluded.
In Japan, it is said to the smallpox (goes) jo keya studies accomplishment that there is effect and, in God of Taoism system to reach China and Japanese folklore, dedicates picture and doll in the Boy's Festival.
It seems that historical fact of "ring of Japanese nutmeg" with **koredammei and charm against plague was united with story of the Noh "Shoki" "emperor" as for this program.

6s emperor Xuan Zong of Tang turned down on floor having malaria once. The emperor has a dream in high heat. Goblin goes into mischief in the Imperial Court and turns around, but large ogre appears out of nowhere and we arrest gnome without difficulty and eat. When ask real identity to great ogre, because "oneself said Shoki, and it was to public employee, took an entrance examination for employment examination for government officials, but failed, and was ashamed of it, and committed suicide in the Imperial Court. But we told as the forefather emperor hushed oneself up carefully saying we came over to repay the favor.
The emperor who came out of dream recovered from disease. The emperor gives well-known painter an order immediately, and let draw portrait of Shoki, and expel malarial air; when had effect, did, and let spread in the world.

In old days of Kojiro, **koredammei demanded crash pad from person called o*shorai (kotanshorai) in the middle of trip. However, we refuse accommodation on seeing dirty-looking appearance of **koredammei though he was the rich body. **koredammei demanded accommodation from charm against plague (sominshorai) which was older brother of o*shorai next. It was poor social position, but citizen of resurrection does reception to be heartwarming in **koredammei unlike o* of younger brother. **koredammei is so pleased with service of charm against plague, and "bad diseases are popular sometime soon on this ground, but you bring "ring of Japanese nutmeg" to waist then, advocate "me with charm against plague descendant". We hand "ring of Japanese nutmeg" saying we will avoid disease if we do so. Major contagious disease was prevalent, but, according to the prediction of **koredammei, only family of charm against plague which we added "ring of Japanese nutmeg" to seemed to be able to get out of trouble afterwards.
"kaetsusai" is held, but this avoids accident if we evade ring of Japanese nutmeg written as "sominshoraikomago*"…It is faith and Shinto ritual that were possible based on historical fact of **koredammei called this.

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