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Orochi (orochi)

Orochi should be called pronoun of Iwamikagura, and size of the scale is no match for other Kagura in Kagura. By device of lantern snake trunk, we caused big reform in Iwamikagura. You must dance without dance hand of Orochi covering body in trunk, and showing body.

When **koredammei where Japanese Olympus was driven to for evil deed was about to let you have country, Hikawa of Izumo, old couple grieved. There were eight daughters to couple when we ask reason, but Orochi appears every year and has seven daughters stolen for seven years, and it is said that it is destined to have one in the last stolen. We promised Orochi extermination, and life let you make poisoned alcohol and exterminated place where Orochi swallowed this up and got drunk on. Sword which exited from tail of Orochi then is given to tenterikodaishin as sword (nochino grass-mowing sword) of cluster of clouds of the sky, and we are worshiped as one of the sacred treasures of three kinds by Atsuta-jingu Shrine. **koredammei married Princess daughter whom we helped, strangeness Inada.

●Chronicles of Japan = winding one Episode 7 eight Gifu Univ. snake (abstract)

so*meison (susanoonomikoto) [**koredammei] ousted from Japanese Olympus (takamagahara) came to side of river (hinokawa) of * of country of Izumo. As we heard voice to sob near river, we held old man (old man) and girl that uba (we do not chase) was alone midmost in voice to do when we performed and cried then. When so*meison asks, "grieve in you, anything that much", old man "I am person called kyakumanyu (ashinazuchi) living in this ground. Wearing caused by frequent handling milk (tenazuchi) of wife and this little girl were our daughters, and eight daughters were, but monster called eight Gifu Univ. snakes (yamatanoorochi) came over, and, as for this, they have drunk daughters to Mr. and Mrs. us who said with Princess strangeness Inada (hide comb young yellowtail) in sequence every year. It became this year when eight Gifu Univ. snakes came over. How can you not do to us? So uba replied, we grieve with old man. so*meison which thought of miserably to two people "I will exterminate eight Gifu Univ. snakes. But we said do you not give my wife the daughter with condition?. When it was said, "we let you work as Princess strangeness Inada with pleasure if you exterminated eight Gifu Univ. snakes." as for the old man, we continued so*meison and said. "And, prepare strong liquor." so*meison divided shelf into eight and we put barrel with liquor which let each prepare for old men and waited for Orochi. Princess strangeness Inada changed to fine-tooth comb (tsumagushi) not to be found and placed in own hair.
Eight Gifu Univ. snakes appeared when waiting for a while. Eight tails matched head, and, as for the eyes, Matsuya oak grew to back like ground cherry (cheeks enthusiast) red-hot and opened in valley of eight eight mountains. When eight Gifu Univ. snakes found liquor, we put each head in eight two-handled kegs and drank. When Orochi drank up liquor, drunkenness has been unexploited. so*meison waiting for this time chopped eight Gifu Univ. snakes with sword (totsukanotsurugi) of ten hand breadths that we hung on waist. Some points of sword were missing on this occasion when we cut tail. Therefore we cut the tail, and one sword came out from all over the Codium. This is sword of cluster of clouds of the sky, thing said to be grass-mowing sword (sword of Kusanagi) later.
so*meison "is what a splendid sword. We gave to heavenly god (amatsukami) the sword saying this is not thing which person like me had.
so*meison said afterwards looking for good land to marry Princess strangeness Inada when we came to Suka (we do) of Izumo. "This land is what splendid ground. My heart feels relieved so much (do, but do); decided, and was built in doing, and being, and getting married in to, this ground there in shrine, and so*meison and Princess strangeness Inada did acquaintance of couple. Princess strangeness Inada who had body basket gave birth to great oneself your God (hole whip chew) [the master of large country].

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