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Black mound

Black mound (kurotsuka)

We go out to exterminate this bad fox for people to hear Kumano, learned and virtuous priest, a*nashi*keidaihoin (ajariyuukeidaihoin) of Toko Bo (we forget father in this way) of Nachisan happening to pass by Nasuno ka Hara in the middle of great physical strength and trip of ascetic practices, and nine bad foxes harming people. We borrow crash pad, but we are bewitched by hostess = bad fox over there, and Buddhist monk practicing asceticism in the mountains runs, and mountain guide is defeated. We are exterminated by expert, sanurakorekai, josokorekai of bow which knew it.
Other dances have charms that there is not in place that the humorous exchanges and enchanting woman who threw in including dialect with great physical strength and title given to a great physician, painter or poet and padrone change figure into bad fox, and this dance chases title given to a great physician, painter or poet, and to turn to.
"Ogre sumuyoshiokikugamakotoka on black mound of country Nasuno ka Hara of bluefish"
"Beads of 108 of shoulder-worn robe coating Lotus Sutra mountain as for the thing which Buddhist monk should have"

 This program continued two legends before beautiful seaweed of well-known demoness and "killing stone" in Noh "cheap Tatsubara" (as for the title of a musical composition except Kanze school "black mound"), and direct influence of Noh strongly appears in aspect of literature in particular.

The stage of ability "black mound" cheap Tatsubara (existing Nihonmatsu-shi, Fukushima) of Oshu. We go for trip of foundation of a country pilgrimage, and Buddhist priest of Kumano comes to cheap Tatsubara and borrows accommodation from single house of the wasteland. Master of house has filature tool of frame gyve ring (it is heated or takes care) in middle-aged women in house. When Buddhist priests lionize, woman of trip when cheer up, use. Woman grieves over bitterness to live for, and she bursts into tears on the pretext of labor of spinning yarn at last while reeling thread (shikoredan).
Because it grows at night, and cooling increased before long, woman goes to take firewood (firewood) for itinerant monks. It is human empathy that we leave word that he/she do not look in neya (neya, bedroom), but want to consider that it is said that we do not see on this occasion. Attendant of Buddhist priest opens door of neya quietly. Then many carcasses could not know number inside and were piled up to height to reach ceiling.
By the way, ancient person, on "black mound of Hara of Adachi, is ogre komoreri…I am amazed to learn and run away at top speed whether it is about here that there are "and ei.
Woman who knew that promise was broken shows the true character of demoness, and she runs after party with terrible look (musical accompaniment with a quick tempo).
When "itinerant monk named that stays in cuttlefish. Shining makes hiding; of neya. We let we do, and Asama give up and do. We come to bear a grudge and are enough"
Buddhist priests pray to King Akira Godai earnestly and barely pick quarrel with fetters of guardian god of Buddhism and take. Demoness stops raging, and oneself mean gets back to me in figure and foot disappears in night storm feebly and disappears.

●Killing stone

Fox of nine sobriety golden furs which disguised itself as beautiful woman in China and T-cloth, and disturbed the world, and repeated evildoing was lost in envoy to the Tang Dynasty and came in old days in Japan.
This yokitsune introduced itself as "in front of beautiful seaweed" and served the Imperial Court and approached His Majesty's body in favor with the House of Toba and was going to finally destroy Japanese country, but the real identity was found out by Yin Yang fortune-teller, Yasunari Abe (with Thailand parent) at time and escaped from altar of chofuse to secession, Nasu ka Hara.
The Imperial Court gives Kai Miura, both persons of josokai an order for extermination afterwards as yokitsune harmed to citizen of territory and traveler. Because fox resembled dog in figure, we gave proficiency of bow against dog for 100 days (with the beginning of inuoumono) and exterminated this at last.
However, devotion of yokitsune became poison stone which still gave off the remainder, poison to Nasuno and continued harming man and beast. It was forbidden this stone which came to be called "killing stone" to approach, but civilizes by priest initiator, large metal mallet of Aizu manifestation temple at the end of many years. We were crushed by priest's hemp flapper, and poison finally decreased, too. It is origin this that abstinent period to break rock is called "gennou".

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