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Southwesterners of Kyushu

Southwesterners of Kyushu (let cross) (Nishiyamato)

It is kumaosoifukurosui (kumasotakeru), Chokichi character = Yamato Takeru (good at with mountain thing) [Japanese boy] (yamatooguna)

Whole families name appearing in Japanese Kojiki and Nihonshoki myth with southwesterners of Kyushu (let you cross). We set up stronghold in Minamikyushu, and it is said that we mean the local name by whole families name against Yamato sovereignty. It is son of the Emperor Keiko, story of the southwesterners of Kyushu subjugation of Yamato Takeru.
Boy (yamatooguna) = Osu life (only lightly thing) in Japan commanded the father Emperor Keiko to subjugate southwesterners of Kyushu of Kyushu at the age of 16 years old.
Osu life dressed hair like girl and was lost in party of southwesterners of Kyushu-based celebration in padded silk garment which we got from aunt (yamatohibai) and was about to cut with knife which drank liquor, and had southwesterners of Kyushu-based o who became cheerful at a stretch. There is not person who is stronger than southwesterners of Kyushu ha oneself-based west, but we know when it ached and pray Japan when we want you to take the name of own "it is based". And we said that we decided to praise Osu life with Japan-based life (good at with mountain thing) and died. Named life (Yamato Takeru) Japan more-based as for Osu life than this it was decided. ("it is based" has meaning called brave person)

●Chronicles of Japan roll seven Episode 4 Yamato Takeru (abstract)

The daisokuhikonindaibetsu (otarashihikooshirowake) Emperor [the Emperor Keiko] sent Yamato Takeru (good at with mountain thing) of son and decided to subdue southwesterners of Kyushu (we let you cross). Yamato Takeru was 16 years old then.
Yamato Takeru arrived in southwesterners of Kyushu country and saw living of the topography and person. Southwesterners of Kyushu had person called kaisui (good at) then. The name called Toriishi deer sentence (we make fatty tuna mosquito net), another name Takeru Kawakamino (Kawakami is good at) and we gathered the whole families thoroughly and were going to do new celebration.
When Yamato Takeru hung down hair like little girl, and we hid sword in batter and waited for time of banquet of fukurosui, and feast began, we joined in women. fukurosui praised figure of little girl of Yamato Takeru and let you let you took hand and attend and pour liquor and we played and played. Drunkenness of liquor also went around fukurosui at night when it grew. Therefore Yamato Takeru took out sword in batter and stuck into chest of fukurosui. fukurosui said before dying.
"Wait a minute. We want to express." Yamato Takeru pinned sword and waited. Yamato Takeru answered when he asked "who are you?.", "it is said with Japanese boy (yamatooguna) in the name in princes of daisokuhikonindaibetsutenko [the Emperor Keiko] as for me.".
"I was best strong man of this country, and, as for Takeru Kawakamino, as for the person of the world, there was not person not to follow for fear of my power. I encountered much bujin, but have never met person like prince. We praise the bravery and it is from mouth of vulgar person, but wants to give title there. We want to express prince after this with nichihombukoko." Takeru Kawakamino closed the eyes quietly when we left so a will. Yamato Takeru stung chest on seeing it and killed. Up to now, it depends on this reason we praise with Yamato Takeru, and to say.

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