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Kashima (kuniyuzuri) (kashima)

Pass character =; Tsu chief god (futsunushinokami), bukametsuchishin (takemikazuchinokami), large country master (to most master),-based Emperor's name (is good at, and everybody wins)

It is story before descendant of the Sun-Goddess advent, Kagura about abdication of life of great king.

Got down out of Japanese Olympus; when passed, and Tsu master life, bukametsuchimei negotiated to hand over country of Izumo to major king life, "oneself accepted, but king said, get consent of two sons" very much.
We consent to first prince, jidaishumei <Ebisu>, but it is competition in strength with God of Japanese Olympus, but the second prince is defeated and escapes to Suwa of Shinano, but he surrenders at last and does life request, and he hands over country to-based Emperor's name life without consenting.

Kojiki (abstract)

Gods (Tianjin God) whom there was in Sun-Goddess Japanese Olympus said, marsh overgrown with reeds China (if we arrive among Ashihara) [Japan] is country which tenkoreninhomimimei (amenooshihomimi) of child of the Sun-Goddess should rule, and they gave tenkoreninhomimimei an order for parachuting. However, we stood in pontoon bridge of the sky and looked in this world and we went up and reported to Japanese Olympus saying "we are unable at all to manage marsh overgrown with reeds China in very noisy state".
When God (takamimusubi) and the Sun-Goddess gathered 8 million gods on high delivery nest day and you should dispatch which God in marsh overgrown with reeds China or asked, we concluded that God of omoikinshin (omoikanenokami) and great many talked and should dispatch ten*hishin (amenohohinokami) to the large country chief god and gave the cause of large king an order to go. However, ten*hishin became retainer of great king and did not come back to Japanese Olympus even if three years passed.
So gods replied that they asked which God we should dispatch this time with the Amawaka number of days for (amenowakahiko). Therefore we gave with tenkoremakoyumi (amenomakakoyumi) and tenkorehahaya (as for the one of rain already) in the Amawaka number of days for and sent to marsh overgrown with reeds China. However, we got married with shitaterihibai (prepare hide) which was daughter of great king in the Amawaka number of days for and did not come back to Japanese Olympus even if we thought so that it was, and oneself stood to King of marsh overgrown with reeds China for eight years. (omission)
As we replied that you should send the-based god of thunder (takemikazuchinokami) when we asked which God the Sun-Goddess should dispatch to 8 million gods this time, we attached sky chicken ship God (rain take ship chew) and sent to marsh overgrown with reeds China.
-based god of thunder and sky chicken ship God go down to Kohama of dekumokokuina*, and we pull jusukuiken, and stand upside down and we sit cross-legged on setsusaki and sit down, and "the Sun-Goddess is command very when our Imperial son should rule this country to king very much. Please we asked intention of thou. Great king said that we asked eight momentous events charges chief god (we obtain and make thing master we chew) of son before oneself answered. When jidaishu replied, "we understood", we stepped on ship and inclined and we took step reversely and we got ka and have hidden in blue Shibagaki in that. Large king said when we asked great king with "jidaishushin said like that, but is there child to give the opinion to elsewhere?" to ask-based Emperor's names God (we cook all person we chew) of another son. -based Emperor's name God does to pass through place doing so, and "who is it to talk whisperingly here? Then we said, let's do competition for power and caught hand of the-based god of thunder. Then the-based god of thunder changed hand into icicle and changed into sword more. On the contrary,-based Emperor's names God ran away as we crushed to pick up young leave of reed and hurled when the-based god of thunder caught hand of-based Emperor's name God. The-based god of thunder ran after-based Emperor's name God and cornered to the sea (Lake Suwa) of state feather of Shinano country. We thought that-based Emperor's name God could not escape anymore and said, "do not kill because we did not appear from this ground, and large king and jidaishushin presented country of right marsh overgrown with reeds to medium".
The-based god of thunder came back to Izumo and asked great king again. If "two sons follow Tianjin God, great king gives this country to Tianjin God without my defying. On the other hand, we want you to build big palace almost as same as Imperial son of the sky living as place where I live in. We said, my 180 God will not betray Tianjin God according to jidaishu, and we were dead on the spot manfully, and it was for end. We built palace to Kohama of multi-art will (tagishi) of Izumo country and we made God called comb eight ball God (comb occasional chew) cook who cooked offering thing and presented many dishes. The-based god of thunder finished accomplishing marsh overgrown with reeds China subjugation and reported in Japanese Olympus.

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