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Jinrin (Jinrin) (jinrin)

Representative Kagura of Kibu where two God two ogres confront with eight condition.
The 14th emperor, Emperor of the obi Nakatsu number of days for attacks in Japan from foreign country and meets army of forthcoming tens of thousands of horse men.
The body called Jinrin has wing in that, and evil spirit who flies about on black clouds, and hurts people hears when and follow and leave for the subjugation and exterminate high Maro after fierce battle with deer child bow of the sky, feathers arrow of the sky.

"Is Hachimanyama oath of defense deep Iwashimizu in bow and arrow people to take?"

●Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi mourning shrine Shrine (we are and see and may be chisel jeering) biography

During seven years (198 years) of the Emperor Chuai, kyo*chiririn (there is face of face of big ogre, the slightly around small ogre seven jinrin in the middle in all consisting of faces of eight ogres) of Silla country agitated for Kumaso and closed in for an attack upon Toyoura shrine (the temporary Imperial Palace which the Emperor Chuai established). In contrast, the Imperial Army fought hard very much, but because Jinrin which passed was about to shoot the sea on black clouds from the sky, we had a hard fight, and amount of Abe Maro who protected palace gate, younger brother assistant Maro did uchishi in succession. Therefore added * very much saying "it is not person whom it was about to shoot from the sky, person of regularness", and the Emperor, and we took oneself bow and arrow at last, and Jinrin was shot down wonderfully. And rebel army disperses and shades with pike because of too much Imperial Army delight, and it is said that we danced like crazy around corpse of Jinrin while swinging flag. In addition, we fire Jinrin and covered with big stone in the place, but the stone is handed down with Onishi because face of Jinrin was like ogre.

●See school standard strategy; than Kagura script

We took this music out of Hachiman shrine omen (Naka military cloud Jomura Hachiman shrine storehouse, work of Genroku era oneself serpent Kaihara antiquarianism). Because there is the same point until words, we are slightly long, but let's quote. In doshokankoreichi, Jo of Emperor Chuai period nine years if "refrain, write down in Honda no shrine no omen, water trickling from between the rocks no shrine no omen, hachibangumokun, and tens of thousands of soldiers attack in samurai ruha, Imperial reign of the Emperor Chuai from our rite, Silla country, and uchi is going to take next rite, Japan now.
Aspect is accompanied by the Imperial army of Emperor mizukara 50,000 other people by ze, and do in Nagato no country Toyoura no shrine, and let prevent foreign bloody bandit; ball u. Without thing, color of wonder called Jinrin being redder then than foreign country, and becoming like head eight aritekatachi fearful god, but knowing next ri, the number of people otorikorosukoto to black clouds in jo te Japan. You let the Emperor, Takamaru Abe, the assistant circle harden command te, main gate and you hurry Jinrin next mule and should work. There should not be daji with the body of the people easily. When chufuse does not succeed in getting he thing for the position of I great virtue, give an order; ball u. If we wear two bow swords of soku and we protect right and left of the gate and kick, it is possible taking advantage of niatarite, Jinrin black clouds on sixth day. If is stormy, Emperor bow is finished shooting with high circle, Minister Takeuchi this yoshio ho if can tear off tori, arrow, and let Jinrin shine so that Jinrin waits for heads, and head and body and two tsuninarite raku nu. Any nikashitariken, stray arrow next rite His Majesty's body have pipe in such a place. Without being worth (omission) if we drag each other, ji ho where we take advantage of person black clouds having head eight in thing, and it may be said, groundless talk non-Buddist Scriptures in opinion to go upon of kojinichihonki." There is in this. (this omen depends on introduction of Haruaki Ishida.)

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