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Hachiman (Hachiman)

Kagura which praises Hachiman Maro who is God of bravery, enshrined deity of Hachiman shrine. God called Hachiman Maro dedicated to by Kyushu Usa Hachiman shrine exterminates with bow of divine power, arrow of means to hear bad demon king of large six heavens of the world of desire that came flying from foreign country killing people. It is Kagura of representative development of Iwamikagura called justice (God) vs. bad (ogre).
"Is Hachimanyama oath of defense deep water trickling from between the rocks in bow and arrow people to take?"

Yahata is divine spirit of the Emperor Ojin, and total Motomiya of more than 40,000 companies of the whole country is Usa Hachiman shrine, and the divided divine spirit is enshrined in each place including Iwashimizu Hachiman shrine for heiyasukyochimmamori and Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu of Kamakura. We praise Imperial virtue of the Emperor Ojin as God of War and present Hachiman faith, and Buddhism culture and our country's own Shinto are thought to have fused.
"Hachiman" "yahata" was the Japanese reading, but we make mixture of Buddhism and Shintoism later, and it is thought that we transformed into reading aloud reading "Hachiman" of Buddhist. In addition, it is like words to come, and to mean "flag" as "yorishiro" of "God" with "grouper".
We are known as God making Takusen better, and there is for record when we told when we did Takusen so that nun of Shinto priest of Yahata, Usa goes to Tokyo in 749 (Tenpyo-shoho 1) constructing great statue of Buddha of Todai-ji Temple, and God of War cooperates with great statue of Buddha building, and it is revealed that we were doing Buddhism and shugo early. Title of God of the God of war (hachimandaibosatsu) was given as God of Buddhism protection for 781 years. In this way, God of War comes to be performed kansei of as guardian deity of temples of the whole country, and God of War will spread out in the whole country. Amitabha was considered to be Buddha as the prime noumenon of God of War in Buddha as the prime noumenon and a god as the manifestation later.
In addition, because it was said that the Emperor Ojin was God of War, they were considered to be ancestral god of the Imperial Family, and Genji which parted from the Imperial Family assumed God of War patron saint. Because we did kansei and assumed pot-shaped well Hachiman shrine patron saint of Kawachi Genji, and Yoshiie Minamotono of the child had the ceremony of manhood in Iwashimizu Hachiman shrine, Yoriyoshi Minamotono was called the Taro Hachiman justices by Kawachi country pot-shaped well (Habikino-shi, Osaka pot-shaped well). Because Iwashimizu Hachiman shrine had many manors, God of War faith spread out on those land.

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