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Gokokutanemoto (gokokutanemoto)

Character = sky bear adult (amekumaushi), village (it shows a slight irregularity), the people (we want to see), God Shinto priest (kannegi), old woman

We are constructed by opinion of hoshokushin (reputation rice cake chew) written down in the Chronicles of Japan. It was said to gather kinds of staple grains which appeared than body of hoshokushin (daikitsuhibai (ogetsuhime)) spoiled by goddess of the moon holy (with Kojiki **koredammei), and to plant as thing which after giving, god was pleased very much, and ate, and should live for morning and evening of people of the Sun-Goddess, and to spread. Adult of sky bear was given kind of these staple grains and told village you of the sky how to make, and village conveyed this to the people. Village you match power and plow the wasteland and plant kind and harvest and, in Kagura to make rice cake to call God Shinto priest, and to perform the Niname festival, preach beginning of agriculture and say with another name "mallet" because there is scene of rice cake making with thing which is going to pray for staple grains fertility.

●Chronicles of Japan roll one Episode 4 Sun-Goddess and tsukiyomison

It was Sun-Goddess and tsukiyomison which would settle heavens for life of i*nakison, but "person called hoshokushin (reputation rice cake chew) seems to live in marsh overgrown with reeds China (if we arrive among Ashihara) the Sun-Goddess once. We gave an order saying go to tsukiyomison, you.
tsukiyomison fell in this world to encounter hoshokushin according to life of the Sun-Goddess. It was decided that hoshokushin which had a visit from tsukiyomison established seat of welcome in son. hoshokushin turned neck and turned to the land. Then boiled rice came out of mouth. In addition, fish of big things and small things came out of mouth when we turned neck towards the sea. In addition, beast came out when we went to mountain. hoshokushin which had finished preparing ingredients was going to treat tsukiyomison in it on desk. tsukiyomison shook then to be angry and said. "Does your mouth say to let this me eat thing which we spitted out? It is what a dirty guy. We said, we swatted and cut and we pulled sword of waist and cut off hoshokushin and came back to heavens and reported order of thing to the Sun-Goddess. Then, as for the Sun-Goddess, "tsukiyomison, you did thing called anything. He is irreplaceable God laying food of people of this world. He was going to treat you and produced the materials by oneself. Do you not understand such a thing, too? We never want to see your faces. The Sun-Goddess was going to never meet tsukiyomison when we let anger tsukiyomison fall down saying get out. In this way, we came to live by parting from the Sun-Goddess (the sun) at noon and night in goddess of the moon holy (month).
The Sun-Goddess sent sky bear person (amanokumahito) after this and let you go to see state of hoshokushin. hoshokushin was really dead. However, wheat and soybean and adzuki bean were born to pubic region rice in Japanese barnyard millet, stomach to silkworm, eyes on the eyebrows German millet on the sum oxen and horses from the head more. Sky bear person took all it to go and gave to the Sun-Goddess. You said with "is this not only thing necessary for the people to live?.", and, as for the Sun-Goddess to see it, bi did rice with class of rice field as class of field with German millet, Japanese barnyard millet, wheat, bean very much. Furthermore, we established ozatokun (amanomurakimi) [village mayor saying in now] of the sky. We put the rice species on sky Hasada (amanosanada) and Osada. Hanging ear of rice of the year bent so that there were eight grips and was so comfortable. In addition, we included cocoon of silkworm, and * kotoga was able to make thread into the Sun-Goddess in mouth. Sericulture came to be possible for the first time from now on.

●Fire production by rubbing pieces of wood with a wooden stick rice mortar (hikiriusu) and fire production by rubbing pieces of wood with a wooden stick mallet (hikirigine)

We consented to abdication, and we were dead on the spot, and the large country chief god became end. So the-based god of thunder (takemikazuchinokami) built big shrine in the beach of versatile will (tagishi) of Izumo country and presented according to the wish of large king. And we made God called comb eight ball God (comb occasional chew) cook who cooked offering thing. Eight ball God becomes cormorant, and add soil of the bottom of the sea, and attendant emonooagerukawarakeokoshiraemashita. Then we made article called fire production by rubbing pieces of wood with a wooden stick rice mortar (hikiriusu) and fire production by rubbing pieces of wood with a wooden stick mallet (hikirigine) in stem of seaweed and we rubbed it together and cut and brought down fire and said towards the-based god of thunder. We said, "we lighted fire by this fire that I cut regularly like dishes ground of palace of Japanese Olympus until it became full of soot and burnt fire consistently until bottom of furnace was tense like rock of abyss and there was many and cooked large sea bass which fishermen fetched for and always offers feast which gods of Japanese Olympus had". The-based god of thunder felt relieved, and *jo did this with the Sun-Goddess in detail in kokosanreishin (takamimusubinokami).

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