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Gojin (gojin) (shomowake)

Character = spring blue great king (shunzeidaio), fire red great king (kasekidaio), autumn white great king (syuhakudaio), winter black the Great (toukokudaio), henayasudaio (haniyasudaio) [prince of Goro]

We say prince of Goro by dance to dance after the very last, Orochi of dance at the daybreak. View of the world to come, lesson, Shinto, Confucianism of ethic morality, philosophical principles of Buddhism join harmoniously, and it is the greatest long piece in Iwamikagura, and, in statement, we are respected from agriculture with thing which was well arranged so as to be surprised very much by knowledge, philosophy of farmer, outlook on ethic, astronomy, explanation, Yin, Yang and five elements combination theory of the number of years.
"To quiet of conduct of life hardening village having just finished taking ni Prince Godai"

First God of Kojiro seven generations with the Chronicles of Japan, four princes of kokujoritsuo (kokujoritsuson), the first prince: Spring blue great king, the second prince: Summer red great king, the third prince: Autumn white the Great, the fourth prince: To black great king, it is younger brother of shishin*, the fifth prince in winter: Thing which introduces itself as messenger of henayasudaio appears, and four princes occupy every direction of north, south, east and west in the four seasons in the four season, always 360 days as feudal tenure the fifth prince: They come to negotiations when they want you to divide feudal tenure as henayasudaio cannot lose with feudal tenure even in leap month (leap month), but Yojin do not have anything to do when the fifth prince does not know that he is. Therefore we bring henayasudaio, but Yojin lecture on existence of four pains for a long time in way of the five cardinal principles of morality, five lines of service, progress of four sections and emphasize that the world is Imperial domain of all Yojin. henayasudaio is angry and becomes battle with Gojin each with army. Old man of errand of God of the sky appears there, and we give oracle to Gojin and divide territory and arbitrate, and country becomes peaceful.

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