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Ebisu (Ebisu)

Character = adult (sea bream pitches a camp), Ebisu

"To found country, and to hurry. To found country, and to hurry. Every direction costs change calmly"
In enshrined deities of Miho Shrine, we are admired as fishery, commercial ancestral god. We danced state of sea bream fishing of eight momentous events charges main life (Oga of Ebisu).
jidaishumei is God to like of fishing in the first princes of major king life very.
Adult (traveler) is visited in the middle of Izumo Taisha Shrine pilgrimage by Miho Shrine. We ask court lady omen of our enshrined deity and accept benevolence of the gods of enshrined deity.
Ebisu appears in place where adult waits for epiphany, and, in very happy program to catch sea bream, and to express Kotobuki fortune, as for this form, it is model of "opening minor noh piece" that is rare in Iwamikagura.

It becomes story that Shinto priest of country of Izumo visits to the Nishinomiya God of wealth by oracle dream in six tones.

God of seven manekifuku believed that it is believed as the god of wealth, and jo connections shop comes to Takarabune, one of the Seven Deities of Good Luck, Kagura of Ebisu.
The Seven Deities of Good Luck refer to Ebisu (ebisu), god of wealth, the Benzai (ability) sky, the god of treasure, futaison, the God of Wealth and Longevity, the God of Longevity, but, of these, only Ebisu is jidaishushin (do master) in the Japan's own God, God of wealth (hiruko), back, and others are India, Chinese gods.
God of wealth (Oguro) says mahakara in India; oneself Japanese mythical great your; is doing holy (great king) and shugo.

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