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Chigaeshi (kigaeshi)

Chigaeshi (kigaeshi) (chigaeshi)

Life, great evil ogre of character = bukametsuchi (takemikazuchi)

Ogre anti-(change of clothes); even if do, say. Kagura which exterminates large evil spirit who life (with medium) of bukametsuchi (takemikazuchi) which is country of Hitachi (hitachi), enshrined deity of Kashima major shrine (Kashimacho, Ibaraki) damages all parts of the world, and turned around. Of words with God and ogre sandwiching curtain is about to rustle and become attendance, but ogre is torn, and surrender. It features negotiations that we sandwich curtain with ogre (the stage it may be out of) and God of the top division. In addition, ogre unusually surrenders in Iwamikagura and is over in form to tell to be allowed. The middle of way says with way turning over without killing ogre as we turn over.
"House muchoararagino village of ogre that nine valleys work for sound in eight peaks"

When it comes flying in Japan, and demon king who damages the world, and turned around harms to people, we hear enshrined deity of Kashima major shrine, life of bukametsuchi and leave for extermination. We splash on each other that great evil spirit appears and to say and turn down partner, but it is and fights against attendance intensely at last, but ogre is defeated. We surrender saying "you make secret art and fought, but please save only life that it is not escaped from sword of God.". We permit saying "eat ear of rice (rice) of 1,500 ears which we will stop that we eat human being in future because we save life, and there is on peak of Kyushu Takachiho.", and, as for the life of bukametsuchi, evil spirit leaves for Takachiho with pleasure.

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