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Formidable man

Formidable man (Benkei)

The character = character = formidable man (Benkei), Ushiwaka-maru (ushiwakamaru)

"We appear in bridge of Kinugawa Gojo if we come today to stand yesterday"
In the Heian era, we are used to cut with Japanese halberd so that formidable man of west tower takes wonderful sword of smart and manly child taking part in a festive procession Ushiwaka circle that blew on elegant flute in Ohashi of Gojo of Kyoto away in evening when the moon is beautiful. We let the left buy the Ushiwaka-maru for the right by quick work skillfully, and formidable man surrenders at the end of the tether at last. Tall man that age 7-year-old childhood, formidable man were extraordinary as for the Ushiwaka-maru then.
The Ushiwaka-maru was given martial arts from great Tengu in Mount Kurama and it became Yoshitsune Minamoto after we were protected, and it was retainer of life, Yoshitsune, and formidable man protected the master and made story that we left the in history name for Kagura.
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