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Dedication Kagura

Dedication Kagura

Let's enjoy dedication Kagura in Hamada

In Hamada-shi, autumn festival is held in Shinto shrine which is dedicated to Ujigami of each town when it is autumn. "Iwamikagura" which people of town are looking forward to as the eve is danced all through the night, and the inside of town is surrounded for Kagura musical accompaniment until the daybreak. Kagura by event increased, but it is recommended recently to observe dedication Kagura performed in Shinto shrine of each city town to taste the powerful charm of Iwamikagura. Kagura to see in Shinto shrine is thing that atmosphere is deep with simplicity and becomes particular in single night to spend with various places of the town. As guide of dedication Kagura admiration, please utilize this page.

Manner to see dedication Kagura

It will be that heart jumps in dedication Kagura which we made guide, Kagura to see for the first time. People of town reach day of festival with such a feeling, too.
As for what want to understand dedication Kagura one when we see, festival to appreciate prosperity (good harvest, big catch) of the town is unlike event in big venue. It is important to keep in mind to make a fuss over gezelligheid cutting in on seat ignoring person of town, and not to break atmosphere of festival.

Dedication Kagura schedule

Thing (clothes) which we want to take

●Winter clothing

When Kagura is over late-night 0:00, it is cold very much. We wear winter clothing well, and let's go out not to catch cold by precious festival. (summer dedication Kagura will keep strong by heat measures of round fan and cold drink, air conditioner back)

●Fashion is unnecessary

Fashion going to town for is unnecessary for dedication Kagura. We often see while Kagura appreciation breaks out in seat of Kagura and sees or hitting bonfire. In addition, appearance that is easy to spend time is the best because we spend time in the Shinto shrine until morning. Style of underwear system such as jeans is recommended to woman than skirt.


Late-night in the middle of the night, Kagura swell, too and reach the top. ・* * Time when but is usually sleeping. Eyelids are ju ta - kunattekimasu. We put on good blanket, and let's take nap around in such a case. For it which program only by Iwamikagura has in "kane*" "Kurozuka" "Orochi" still more in the early morning.
How to use blanket is various and hides if scary ogre jumps into the audience. (^-^ where scene where ogre strips it off is seen in well)


Clock may not hang over Shinto shrine and Kagura. Watch is necessity.
(the program of the coterie when we become authority of Kagura time share kattekurundesuyo ^-^)

●Food, drink

There is no food in venue basically (branch and local store may sell food).
You drop in at convenience stores and should find. It is recommended to buy before going to Kagura. Because there is Shinto shrine in the depths of the depths of Shinto shrine, mountain with stairs more than 100 steps inside, too.
It is good, but liquor will prevent you from drinking when you drive car to raise festival feeling.


We may use to be filled with tears by parting of parent and child of "Orochi", but, as direction when ... ogre cuts curtain and comes out, fireworks and smoke screen are used. Smell that this smell feels a feeling of sizzle to authority of Kagura and is unbearable, but it is hard in to see for the first time a little. You hold mouth and nose with handkerchief in such a case, and please enjoy Kibu of force in smoke.

It is recommended to beginner!
We are holding kagura performed at night performance

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