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Traditional arts on behalf of West Shimane, Iwami district

When it is night of autumn festival in the Ishimi district, we hear Kagura musical accompaniment in Shinto shrine of various towns. The history of Kagura is old, and it is done with the origin that amenouzume does divine inspiration in Japanese myth in step of Gate of Celestial Rock passing away and danced, and *jashinno (sadashinnou) of Izumo that made Noh song noh play in which the protagonist is a god reaches Iwami district, and Iwamikagura is said to have had been made drama as entertainment of the people. We are devoted and enjoy day, night of festival while people of Iwami liking such an Iwamikagura, and being fuddled with developed dance.

With Iwamikagura

As for the origin of Iwamikagura, it is not sure and is said before the early modern times, but we increase myth thing which assumes Kojiki, the Chronicles of Japan original with study of ancient Japanese thought and culture rise of the culture civil administration period and program is rich and is extremely various.
Thing which was Shinto ritual by Shinto priest to soften heart of God was inherited, and, in going, it came to be danced as folk entertainment by hand of people of land by government notice to prohibit dance of Shinto priest from the Meiji government having appeared. Temper of person from Iwami is just played by large drum, side drum, beating time with hands, musical accompaniment using flute, and the rhythm invites person seeing to the mythical world. In addition, as for the Iwamikagura, the literature is characteristic. The classic words that it is solemn, and plus is elegant are said to be extremely rare for ordinary kagura and make unique thing with high dialecticism of flavor of soil interwoven in that, poetic sentiment of simple folk song.

Six tones Iwamikagura

It may be said that it is model of Iwamikagura seen in the Ishimi district mountains, Omoto Kagura around Gouno River basin. Musical accompaniment is relatively slow and develops dance for posture that dance hand strongly conquered center of gravity. One of characteristic foot has dwarf and says "on tiptoe", and there is conduct that we give to pull foot behind without floating waist and drive forward, but this is said to be when there is place knowing movement of ex-labor to walk muddy rice field.

Eight condition Iwamikagura

It is eight condition Kagura to be danced flourishingly in the seaside of the Ishimi district. We were said that Kagura (six tones Kagura) handed down was largely revised in the early period of Meiji by scholar of ancient Japanese thought and culture Muneo Fujii of Hamada, hand of Hiroatsu Ushio both of them, and there was, and it featured that musical accompaniment, dance hand developed dance by fast tempo and it was correct with temperament of people of Hamada who was town of fishery and developed, and various revolutions such as device of snake trunk, use of fireworks, gorgeous apparel of gilt thread, silver thread were done. It is great, and these will have an influence on Kagura of other prefectures.

Traditional arts to bring change with the times

Iwamikagura came to be known to the whole country taking the opportunity of presentation in Osaka World Exposition, and overseas performance was carried out many times, too and took part in interchange of Japanese culture. Including "Orochi which got great admiration by size of the scale and dynamic movement," program rises than 30 kinds, and from the start various sacred rites, place in auspicious occasion cannot miss dedication to annual festival and are folk art to be able to boast of widely.
It is old, and it stuns beholder by invention of snake trunk or use of fireworks, and, in these days, creation Kagura every each company that made local stories Kagura and stage Kagura which concentrated stage direction gain power, and it is characteristic of Iwamikagura that show expanse that is rare for traditional arts.

Hamada-shi, Shimane

Representative city of former Iwami country where Hamada-shi is located in West Shimane.
In natural rich land which it faces the Sea of Japan and did against a backdrop of mountainous district of China, ingredients of mountains and seas are richness. A lot of brand fish famous nationwide including "rockfish" "flatfish" "taste" is unloaded by fishery in particular.

General Hamada-shi tourist association TEL 0855-24-1085

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