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Asahicho Iwamikagura preservation society

Group name Representative name Group name Representative name
Ichigijinja kaguradan Tsukawa kaguradan Shigeo Yamada
Imaichi kagurashachu Hisatomo Ueno Togawa kagurashachu
Kita kagurashachu Junji Yuasa Hongo kagurashachu Nobuyuki Shimmori
Kitao kaguradan Marubara kagurashachu Masatomi Tanaka
Sakamoto kagurashachu Tomihiro Yuasa Wada kagurakai Nobuo Ishida
Shigetomi kagurashachu Kunihiro Sakane
Ichigijinja kaguradan (ichigijinjakaguradan)
Condition Six tones
Imaichi kagurashachu (imaichikagurashachu)
Representative name Hisatomo Ueno
Phone number 0855-45-0642
Condition Six tones
Maintenance program God unloading, Kammukae, Hachiman, Jingitaiko, Jinrin, Tenjin, Kurozuka, Shoki, Iwato, Ebisu, Orochi, Oeyama, Jimmu, IwamiJutarou, Momijigari
PR comment As for the origin of Imaichi kagurashachu, it is not sure, but it is informed that there was the model in Genroku Era. To date, we succeed to six tones that has been conveyed and stage including Kagura dedication of Imaichi Hachiman shrine fall annual festival to be held in October inside and outside the district. In late years position lays emphasis on child Kagura with primary and secondary student widely from primary schoolchild to 70 generations. We aim at memorable Kagura of one having you see and still tell motto by dance of Imaichi in enjoying side to dance again.
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Kita kagurashachu (kitakagurashachu)
Representative name Junji Yuasa
Start The early period of Meiji (about 1869)
Condition Six tones
Kitao kaguradan (we came)
Condition Six tones
Sakamoto kagurashachu (sakamotokagurashachu)
Representative name Tomihiro Yuasa
Condition Six tones
Shigetomi kagurashachu (shigetomikagurashachu)
Representative name Kunihiro Sakane
Phone number 0855-45-0951
Condition Six tones
Maintenance program Shioharai, Kammukae, Hachiman, Jingitaiko, Tengai, Jinrin, Tenjin, Kurozuka, Shoki, Iwato, Ebisu, Orochi, Oeyama, Goza, Jimmu, Suzukayama, Takusen
PR comment Kagura dance seemed to be dedicated to Shigetomi kagurashachu to Shinto ritual in Tomishige Hachiman shrine until the early period of Meiji by Shinto priest, but parishioner helps as help position of Shinto priest from that time and comes to play and starts as Shigetomi kagurashachu after this and is succeeding to Omoto Kagura six tones as activated one end of district as folk art again now. We make trial and error for password in member of company bullet and it is and "will have see good Kagura" while appearing on each event now and work hard at performance and exercise of music to hand down six tones Kagura handed down to Shigetomi, and to save.
Tsukawa kaguradan (tsukawakaguradan)
Representative name Shigeo Yamada
Start The early period of Meiji (about 1869)
Condition Six tones
Maintenance program Shioharai, Kammukae, Hachiman, Jingitaiko, Shiken, Tengai, Jinrin, Yakamihime, Tenjin, Kurozuka, Shoki, Ushinokoku, Iwato, Ebisu, Orochi, Kumaso, Ushiwaka
Togawa kagurashachu (togawakagurashachu)
Condition Six tones
Hongo kagurashachu (hongokagurashachu)
Representative name Nobuyuki Shimmori
Phone number 0855-45-1011
Condition Six tones
Maintenance program Kammukae, Hachiman, Kakko, Kirime, Jinrin, Tenjin, Kurozuka, Shoki, Iwato, Orochi
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Marubara kagurashachu (marubarakagurashachu)
Representative name Masatomi Tanaka
Phone number 0855-45-0382
Start 1925 (Taisho 14)
Condition Eight condition
Maintenance program Shioharai, Hachiman, Chigaeshi, Jinrin, Tenjin, Kurozuka, Shoki, Ebisu, Orochi, Yorimasa, Jimmutosei
PR comment Marubara kagurashachu forms in 1925 and is active as early "eight condition Kagura" of the only tempo in Asahicho and wrestles. Since organization, we try for folk art preservation and successor upbringing and appear on district event or each event positively and deepen local promotion and appeal to the prefecture outside as traditional arts of West Shimane and are devoted as "pride of native district" every day.
Wada kagurakai (wadakagurakai)
Representative name Nobuo Ishida
Condition Six tones

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